Operator Foundation is a nonprofit
Operator makes useable tools to help people around the world with censorship, security, and privacy.



Operator is founded on these essential pillars


Our tools help real people. We design our projects for specific communities through collaboration.


We create technology to solve human problems. We write code, make apps, configure servers, and build hardware.


Everything we do is designed to be usable and beautiful. We integrate user-centered design in all of our products.

About Us

The Operator Foundation was founded in 2014 in Austin, Texas. Our purpose is to promote internet freedom, open communication and global internet security through technology development, deployment, and education. We develop technologies to facilitate access to credible and relevant information and open communication around the world.



Operator Foundation board members


Brandon Wiley


Brandon has worked for the last ten years in open source and peer-to-peer software, both in community projects and tech startups.


Corie Johnson

Vice President

Corie is an educator and designer. She has experience designing for companies in the United States and abroad.


Donald Jackson


Donald is a researcher, urban economist, and urban planner with specializations in sustainable economic development and strategic planning.

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Take a look at what we work on.

Moonbouce VPN is built on our Shapeshifter technology which is an easy to implement pluggable transport provider.  Our Shapeshifting technology was created to disguise your internet traffic so it doesn’t get filtered. With our technology your traffic won’t be blocked even in the most restrictive internet censoring.
Postcard is an end to end encrypted OSX email client with a useable minimalist interface.  The Operator Foundation traveled to Mexico City to find out the needs of local Journalists.  Postcard was created for them as a simplified encrypted email application.
It is for App and Tool Developers that want to circumvent internet censorship so their work can be globally accessible.  Free technology for VPN providers and developers to implement into existing tools.
Edith is an open hardware mobile phone.  The goal of this product was to provide a trusted communication device which has enhanced security and resistance to surveillance and censorship compared to existing options.


We work with specific communities of users to develop technologies that enable security, privacy, and open access. If you need help please contact us about your specific needs. Operator Foundation is a grant funded nonprofit, if you are a funding agency interested in security, privacy, and open access please contact us about opportunities for collaboration.